11 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week, Daisy’s ordeal in Coronation Street continues when she receives an ominous warning about Justin.

Elsewhere, Damon’s return leads to drama at the lawyer’s office, while Stephen puts Carla in danger in his quest to take over Underworld.

Here’s a full roundup of 11 big moments coming up.

1. Daisy gets a visit from Justin’s sister

Daisy Midgeley, Jenny, Karen, Coronation Street


Daisy is horrified to see Justin prowling the cobblestones just days after going to court in hopes of getting a stalking protection order. She decides to give him a taste of his own by filming him for a live stream, and wants him to know what it feels like to disrespect boundaries in this way.

Jenny and Glenda watch the footage of The Rovers’ fight and worry that the situation is spiraling further out of control.

Later, Justin’s sister Karen visits the pub and tells Daisy that it’s not the first time her brother has become obsessed with someone. She warns Daisy to be careful because Justin is dangerous.

2. Daisy confides in Ryan

Ryan Connor, Daisy Midgeley, Coronation Street


Daisy has a panic attack when she sees a van on the street and assumes it to be Justin.

Ryan steps in and offers support to Daisy by taking her to the cafĂ© for a chat. Daisy explains how she is constantly looking over her shoulder because of Justin’s stalking.

3. Carla fears for her future

carla barlow, coronation street


Carla worries she could end up in jail again for driving without insurance when she recently had the Underworld bus accident. Peter assures her it won’t come to that.

Carla still doesn’t seem her usual self when she absent-mindedly agrees to an employee bonus following the recent lucrative Nippersnapper deal. She eventually pays a visit to Dr. Gaddas about the strange symptoms she has been experiencing for the past few weeks.

4. Stephen steps up his vicious spitting plan

coronation street, stephen, sarah


Stephen warns Carla to be on top form when the American customers visit the factory to discuss the Nippersnapper deal. Carla smokes Stephen crossing the border and puts him back in his box by ordering him to make some tea.

Stephen is annoyed that Carla belittles him, so he puts a double dose of LSD in her drink. The meeting goes well, but once the customers have left, Carla’s side effects get the better of her as she angrily everyone leaves the factory.

5. Stephen puts Carla’s life in danger

carla barlow, stephen reid, coronation street


Later in the week, Carla insists on going back to work, but quickly finds she’s still having a hard time coping. She pays another visit to Dr. Gaddas, who recommends that she take an extended break and return to her antipsychotics.

Stephen steals a set of keys from Carla from the factory and sneaks into her flat, where he finds her asleep. He puts the keys back in Carla’s bag and then turns on the grill, creating an imminent fire hazard.

6. Tim arranges for Miley to visit

Jackson Hodge, Tim Metcalfe, Eliza, Miley, Coronation Street


Tim goes behind Faye’s back and arranges for Jackson to take Miley to the street. Shortly after Faye goes out for the day with Craig, the secretive Tim welcomes Jackson and Miley to No. 4.

Sally disapproves of Tim’s behavior and warns that he is playing a dangerous game. She may be right when Faye returns home unexpectedly, putting the secret visit already at risk of being exposed.

7. Faye makes a life-changing decision

Faye Windass, Miley Hodge, Coronation Street


Tim further pressures Faye to pursue a relationship with her young daughter, claiming she will regret it for the rest of her life if she doesn’t.

Faye eventually agrees to see Miley, but she is nervous when Tim welcomes Jackson and Miley back to number 4.

8. Beth betrays Kirk

marco, beth sutherland, coronation street


Beth gets dressed and sets out to secretly meet her ex-boyfriend Marco at the Bistro, unbeknownst to Kirk.

Glenda joins Beth for some moral support, but soon makes herself scarce when she realizes three is a mob.

9. Tracy makes peace with Daisy

Tracy McDonald, daisy, coronation street


Daisy is making final preparations for the wedding, but still hasn’t picked a florist.

Daisy puts aside the previous row when she demanded a freebie, swallows her pride and asks Tracy to come on board. Tracy agrees, provided she can be maid of honor alongside Amy.

10. Nick struggles without Sam

Nick Tilsley, Coronation Street


Nick realizes how much he misses Sam when he learns that his son has become Hope’s boyfriend.

Nick confides in Sarah that Sam and Leanne both reject him after his secret deal with Harvey. Sarah shares an idea that might help.

11. Damon’s return leaves Dee-Dee and Adam at odds

damon, dee dee bailey, adam, coronation street


Adam fears his business is in trouble, so it’s music to his ears when he learns that drug dealer Damon is seeking legal counsel following his recent arrest.

Dee-Dee is annoyed to find Damon in the lawyer’s office so she tries to kick him out and warns Adam that this is the dodgy man who has been tormenting Nick.

Adam is still eager to take Damon on as a client, pointing out that he’s loaded and they need the money. Dee-Dee remains unsatisfied with Adam’s position.

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