City tower plan ‘may harm Roman remains’

CGI of Gracechurch Street frontage (included) A proposal to display previously unseen Roman treasures in the heart of the Square Mile has been hit by complaints that the building could damage existing ancient remains on the site. The application to build a 32-storey tower on Gracechurch Street sits on the site of London’s original Roman … Read more

Scientists say climate change has caused the New Zealand storm rage

Climate change exacerbated flooding from a tropical cyclone that sealed much of New Zealand last month in one of the country’s worst disasters, scientists said, but they couldn’t calculate exactly how much it magnified the catastrophe. A flash study Tuesday by 23 scientists from around the world found that global warming from fossil fuel burning … Read more

Security Minister Tom Tugendhat does not rule out a complete TikTok ban

Security Minister Tom Tugendhat warned of potential ‘spying’ risk from phone apps (PA Wire) Cyber ​​experts are investigating whether millions of Britons are at risk of being spied on by China or other states through apps on their phones, a minister said on Tuesday. Security Minister Tom Tugendhat stressed the need for apps to be … Read more

Dizzy monkeys provide clues about human desire for mind-altering experiences, researchers suggest

Great apes spin around on purpose to make themselves dizzy, researchers believe. The study from the Universities of Warwick and Birmingham could provide clues about people developing a desire to seek altered mental states and actively manipulate their moods and perceptions of reality. Researchers observed online videos of great apes — gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and … Read more