Houses evacuated in Derbyshire as man arrested on suspicion of explosive crimes



Residents were forced from their homes when police attacked a man suspected of making explosives in a quiet Derbyshire town.

The security scare led to the evacuation of homes in several streets and the arrest of a man suspected of using explosives.

Derbyshire Constabulary said it was called to a house on Acorn Drive, Belper just after 6pm on Friday.

During a house search, officers found some “suspicious items” and arrested a man.

An Explosive Ordnance Disposal team has now pulled a 100m cordon around the property – and homes within the zone, including Acorn Way, Acorn Drive, Swinney Lane and Swinney Bank, have been evacuated.

Officers said the Strutt Center, a nearby community center, will act as a rest center for evacuated people.

One resident, who was at the Thorn Tree Inn pub, which is on the edge of the police cordon, said: “As far as I can tell, the police were knocking on the houses and advising people to leave. They did not force them but advised them to go outside.

“They’ve told them they’ll call when it’s safe to return and they’re opening the Strutt Community Center for people who live in that area to go tonight.”

She added that at least three evacuated residents had taken refuge in the pub.

When asked how the evacuees felt about the situation, she said: “They seem fine to be honest. They’re probably just surprised and concerned that you don’t know who lives near you.

“I think they arrested him last night, the fellow. The neighbors know who it is.”

A spokesman for the Strutt Center said volunteers from Derbyshire County Council opened the building on Saturday as a rest center and residents who cannot access their homes can go there for shelter and refreshments.

She said a few people have already arrived and added: “The county council with the whole contingency planning team and all their volunteers are here and it’s a warm space where they can have drinks and things like that and just see what’s going on along the way. happens. bit.”

Derbyshire Constabulary said there was no indication how long the evacuation and road closures will last.

Officers said the cordon was placed around properties on Acorn Way, Acorn Drive, Swinney Lane and Swinney Bank, on the advice of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team.

Acorn Drive remains closed at the intersection with Mill Street and Swinney Lane is closed between the intersection with Mill Street and just after the intersection with Swinney Bank.

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