Love Islanders left reeling after Lana’s decision to re-couple

Lana Jenkins has decided to date new bombshell Casey O’Gorman despite her long-running romance with Ron Hall following Sunday night’s surprise re-coupling.

The makeup artist’s shocking decision comes after semi-pro footballer Tom Clare gave his advice about her indecisiveness between financial advisor Ron and new bombshell Casey just before the re-coupling.

Tom told her, “I just don’t want you to get hurt. I think Ron isn’t being honest with himself, I still see him flirting with Samie (Elishi), I think he’s been pretty slimy.”

Speaking of Casey, he added: “I love him dearly. I think his intentions are sincere, I have not known him that long, but I am a good judge of character.”

In the episode Lana said in the beach hut, “I have conversations with Ron and I wave more that way, then I have conversations with Casey and I wave that way.”

Earlier in the episode, Casey said he would be “absolutely over the moon” if Lana chose him and he would “definitely make her happy”.

The re-coupling saw Tanya and Shaq re-couple, along with Jessie Wynter and Will Young, who danced as he kissed her and said, “I adore you.”

Meanwhile, Ellie Spence chose bombshell Jordan Odofin, Samie chose Tom, and Olivia Hawkins, who was single, chose Kai Fagan to work with.

Earlier in the episode, Aaron Waters and Spencer Wilks were dumped off the island after the girls chose to rescue Kai.

The trio were all at risk of leaving the reality show after landing in the bottom three following a public vote for favorite villain residents.

Announcing the news, Olivia said: “It wasn’t an easy decision at all, but we’ve decided to dump these two off the island because even though we think they’re both here for real reasons, we think there’s a stronger connection that has developed in recent days.”

Kai Fagan Love Island

Gym and Science teacher Kai Fagan (ITV/PA)

Physical education and science teacher Kai, who has formed a bond with ring girl Olivia, said: “I’m really grateful to keep being rescued by everyone in here, it’s just not a nice feeling.”

On his departure, model and content creator Aaron said, “Bit lost for words, can’t lie. It’s bittersweet, I don’t regret anything. When one door closes, another one opens, so I feel like I’m excited.

E-commerce owner Spencer said: “It’s a shame, me and Tanyel (Revan) were just starting to really get to know each other, it’s hard to leave everyone behind.”

Visibly upset, Jessie Wynter said of fellow Australian Aaron in the beach hut: “Aaron was my little piece of home here in the villa, so it’s going to suck without him.”

Meanwhile, farmer and Tik Tok star Will Young joked to Aaron and Spencer, “I can give you my zip code if you want to visit my farm.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.

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