‘Money imprisons you and isolates you’

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The menu, the triangle of sorrow, the white lotus; we’re fascinated by the lives of millionaires – and Sharper, an upcoming thriller starring Julianne Moore coming to Apple TV+ on Friday, February 17, takes another stab at the rich.

“We’re exploring the effects of money and, to some extent, capitalism,” Sebastian Stan, one of Sharper’s leaders, tells Yahoo UK when asked about the current wave of ‘eat the rich’ content coming to cinemas and streamers. comes.

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“Money should give you all these opportunities, but at the same time it takes away so much.

“It divides in so many ways, and it imprisons you and isolates you.”

Sharper (Apple TV+)

Sebastian Stan in Sharper. (Apple TV+)

Justice Smith, who appears alongside Stan in Sharper, believes we are all fascinated by “the darkness within ourselves”.

“We all like to imagine that we would be good people under different circumstances,” says the actor – best known for Detective Pikachu and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom -.

“But we are fascinated by our capacity for darkness. Same reason we’re so fascinated with serial killers. We are so fascinated that people can be horrible to each other.

“Because we recognize in ourselves how we are, how we can potentially be awful.”

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It’s a theory that’s fitting, given that Sharper is about a group of people who appear normal on the surface, but turn out to be a bunch of liars, thieves, and con artists.

Saying too much more would spoil the fun – over the runtime the film slowly reveals itself, each new scene unraveling more secrets as we discover what drove a young woman (Briana Middleton) to steal $350,000 from a bookshop owner (Smith ).

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Directed by Benjamin Caron, who helmed the last two installments of the Star Wars series Andor, Sharper is a tight mystery that ideally should be seen on the big screen. However, the movie will go to streaming a week after its theatrical debut in the US. That’s not much of a problem for Smith.

Sharper (Apple TV+)

Justice Smith and Julianne Moore in Sharper. (Apple TV+)

“I like streaming,” he says. “It’s accessible. “There are people, including me, where sometimes I can’t sit through a two-hour movie. I have to look at it on my own terms. And I enjoy it because I have to watch it on my own terms.

Stan is a little more careful. “I think it’s important to have the choice,” he says. “But maybe I’m more old school. I hope we continue to protect the theater experience as well.”

Sharper (Apple TV+)

Briana Middleton and Justice Smith in Sharper. (Apple TV+)

Yahoo points out that a movie like Sharper probably wouldn’t be made without the support of a streamer. “Where does [a movie like this] live today?” asks Stan. “I’d rather it exist, frankly, than not.”

“I would sit through the movie [in a cinema] because I thought, ‘I don’t know how to act on a big screen anymore. I don’t even know if it’s any good,” he continues.

“There’s something that’s processed in a different way when it’s like that.”

Sharper is getting a limited theatrical release in the US and UK and streaming on Apple TV+ from February 17, 2023.

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