Scotland’s Gregor Townsend insists there is ‘more coming out of the group’ after Wales’ victory

Scotland skipper Jamie Ritchie holding the first ever Doddie Weir Cup Credit: Alamy

Scotland skipper Jamie Ritchie holding the first ever Doddie Weir Cup Credit: Alamy

Scotland coach Gregor Townsend feels there is “more to come from the group” after claiming a sensational 35-7 victory over Wales at Murrayfield.

It is the first time since 1996 that Scotland have won both matches in the first two rounds of Rugby’s Greatest Championship, making the performance against Wales a memorable one.

The side played incredibly well, fueled by an excellent Finn Russell, who pulled the strings throughout the match.

Keep improving

When asked if the performance was a clear win, Townsend chose to focus on continuous improvement.

“No. It feels like an improved performance,” said Townsend.

“It didn’t feel that way at halftime, but the second half went better.

“If it was a seven out of 10 last week, it has moved up to an eight out of 10 and we will have to improve again.

“The next two teams we play against (France and Ireland) are number one and two in the world rankings and we need to get to nine out of ten to beat them.

“The internal focus was on playing better than last week. We eventually did that, but there is still more to come from the group.”

Townsend was full of praise for Russell’s performance on both sides of the ball that night.

“Very good,” Townsend said. “The threats that Finn has around him create opportunities. He made very good decisions about which opportunities to take advantage of.

“In November he played really well against New Zealand and Argentina. Against England he built himself into the game, and today was something similar.

“I thought he was really good defensively today. He’s a very competitive player and that shows in different ways. It often comes out in his defence, his touch clarifies – things that go unnoticed.

“The things that will be noticed are his offloads and kicks which were excellent, but if he’s at that level of focus and competitiveness, he’ll put in a very good performance like he did today.”

Doddie Weir Cup

Scotland won the Doddie Weir Cup in memory of the big man, a former teammate of Townsend, who used to message him before a match.

“I’m sure he would have been proud,” said Townsend. “He always texted me before and after games.

“He always wished us all the best before the game and I imagined him drinking a Guinness or a red wine at home.

“If we won, he said after the game it was all up to the coaches, and if we lost, he said it had nothing to do with the coaches.

“It was always a nice text to receive from him, and Cathy (his wife) has continued that tradition.

“It was a big day for Cathy and the boys and for them to feel that love that everyone has for them. And for Doddie’s legacy to continue the fundraising, today was a special day.

“It was great that we could win for them.”

Meanwhile, Wales head coach Warren Gatland was disappointed with his team’s performance and frustrated that his team was not clinical.

“We conceded 17 penalties in the game, which is unacceptable at this level, and we created chances and were not clinical enough to take them,” he said.

“It’s quite disappointing because we could have gone into the break with a lead and when they made good use of their chances we went chasing the game.”

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