Setor aéreo quer aposentar passaporte de papel en adotar reconhecimento facial

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Um passaporte de papel, cheio de carimbos, deve virar coisa do passado, planejam as entidades that controlam as regras to setoreo global.

There are different formats of digitization of an air traffic route identification, for the pace of aviation, but it may also limit your management and security.

Anyway, when you issue a card, you must use a chip to facilitate a leitura through máquinas. In most cases, agents can check documents from the front or manually. A caderneta também abriga os vistos, exigidos para entrada em alguns países, como Estados Unidos e Brasil.

An idea that people have, with many marcados in papel timbre, fiquem salvos in digital format. So it is, whether you use information about getting information about the way you are in the house, this is the way to check in. If you don’t have a mobile phone, a viagem é confirmation e gera-se um código for ser mostrado to airline entrada.

“There’s a compelling reason to leave the paper and focus on a ‘ready to fly’ model: if you’re not an airline and you’re on the run for a flight. If you’re an airline, there’s no control more. An idea! It is an important part of the fact that the journey to the terminal is a fact,” diz Filipe Reis, director of aviation, passengers, cars and borders of America in America.

A Iata (Associação das Empresas de Transporte Aéreo) and Icao (Organização Internacional da Aviação Civil, in several languages) trabalham em conjunto para definir as regras dos voos international e padronizar procedimentos.

“No more serving Papel. No longer clinging to the volume terms and not the segurança. A counterfeit of evolution in the pace within. And if empresas não querem papel porque ele atrasa processos e isso gera custos”, diz Reis.

Whether it’s Iata or Icao to change your personal passaport, or One Id. Ele prevê a criação de um modelo unico de arquivo digital capaz de guardar a identificação dos passageiros e que posa ser lido por todos os países. Além dos dados dedentidade, or arquivo digital traria vistos, vacinas tomadas eos dados biométricos dos viajantes.

Whether you use a virtual card of about 100% of your card, you can use Apple Pay and Google Pay digital cards: if you know exactly how to do it from time to time, if you volunteer or get access to your own boss, you can’t sign up for a front-end agent, for example.

None, a transição pode avançar uma etapa: em vez de apresentar um código or cartão virtual, or próprio rosto do passageiro se tornaria or embarque cart. E or Passport.

Possible functions: cada viajante teria um passaporte virtual. Before you realize how you want, there are many people who use a large area and autoridades do their destination. Este “pacote” includes, among other things, biometric data, such as your digital or formato do rosto.

The administration of the dois países envolvidos na viagem fariam então uma checagem antecipada. If you say you enter the country and get promoted out there is no way you can see the air freight there is no target or you travel to the plane passaria for a facial and a facial is so easy that you do.

In brasileiros airports, with Guarulhos, you have no control over the car: brasileiros escaneiam or passaporte, depois olham para uma câmera e, confirmado or reconhecimento facial, podem seguir viagem.

“Para what is a good consiga of avançar, or desafio não é a technologia. O que faz mais falta é desenvolver trust between os Estados”, aponta Reis. “There are more than 200 partners directly participating in the debate.”

As discussed in recent years, there is no prazo about the implantation procedure yet. “Eu falo que deve levar mais uma década, mas talvez esteja sendo otimista. Porém, nos próximos anos a gente já deverá ter um certo volume, de formas muitas vezes bilateral”, diz Reis.

Alguns países fazem testes, como Canada and Holland. If you are a pilot traveling through your Canada biometrics, you can transfer a list of approved documents to the board of the Netherlands. Whether you are in Europe, or by country road desembarcar sem passar por controls, como se fosse um voo doméstico.

Outro test de troca de informações is sendo facto between Noruega and Croácia. In this case, we are developing a multilateral enterprise, facilitating different blocks of vizinhos as through multiple regions. An expectation is that the experiments will have a fresh idea of ​​a practical function and an aperfeiçoá-la.

Reis is estimated that a transição has developed several worlds in the world, and this is a debate that is about a period of discussion: the governance of the new systems and equipment, which are used as empresas. Our aviation postage is exactly what the right physics are.

“A technical escalation of multiple devices and our preços vão baixando. Biometric cameras have the best ways to do this, how big is the centenas and there is no future solution for this kind of dolares,” replied.

On the other hand, a facial technology that raises facial recognition is one of many questions: many people tend to use negras, asia and the outras etnias, many of the bancos of dados usados ​​​​para Treiná-la se baseiam em pessoas brancas, lembra Bárbara Simão , coordinates InternetLab’s privacy and vigilance.

“The costs you can incur are more than once in the form of children, who are in a phase of crescimento and mudança nas feições,” said. “Mesmo que a 0.1% chance of being wrong, if you’re in favor of using millions of people, you have chances of being charged multiple times.”

There is not a single worry that is a fact of the governance of the fathers of our use: a vazamento nos patriotic banking with a biometria of the transit stages with dire consequences.

Travel if the project is sent to mode and respeitar if leis the protection of dados adotadas pelo mundo, como a LGPD brasileira. So, if companhias and governances comprometeriam a captar of minimum information needed, and desfazer desfazer depois depois determinado período.

So it is, or the government of a country that keeps a list of the names of people who visit their territory, mas não are fathers biométricos, for example.

There is no prevista a criação de uma base global de dados: cada manteria als informações dos cidadãos de seus países, como é hoje. E caberia or authorization of passengers, en cada vez, or compartilhamento de suas informações for as companhias aéreas, aeroportos eo país destino.

Either the project has ensured that there are no alternatives to your question or biometric data cannot be used to determine your identity.

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